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Improving Your Bottom Line with Contract Packaging

How Contract Packaging Improves Your Bottom Line

Contract packagers specialize in assembling manufactured products and other goods into their outer and final packaging. Contract packaging services can be as simple as adding a barcode, identifying sticker, or instruction label to a product or as complex as designing and producing the complete packaging solution.

These packaging solutions may include a wide range of packaging types, including:

  •       Blister packages
  •       Plastic clamshells
  •       Plastic bags
  •       Cardboard boxes
  •       And many more

How Your Company Can Benefit from Contract Packaging

Contract packaging providers work with product manufacturers to plan, customize, optimize, and execute the packaging process. Some packaging is readily available, while other packaging solutions may be custom made according to the design of the product and how the manufacturer wants it to be presented to consumers.

The benefits of outsourcing your packaging include the following:

  •       Reduced investment. Contract packagers provide the manpower, equipment, machinery, and production facilities you need to package your products. You do not have to hire extra staff, buy additional machinery, add floor space, or absorb any of the maintenance costs or other expenses involved in packaging. The money saved on hiring a packaging specialist can then be diverted to support your core competencies.
  •       Flexibility. Without a creative team, specialized machinery, and other infrastructure, your business may not be able to experiment with packaging options to create an optimized packaging design that is functional, affordable, and appealing to customers. This flexibility enables you to test new package designs and adjust packaging accordingly based on what works.
  •       Faster output. Contract packagers can begin packaging work as soon as the product is completed. Packaging design can occur concurrently with product design, which means you won’t have to take extra time to develop and fabricate packaging solutions when your product is ready to go to market.
  •       Lower labor costs. When packaging is outsourced, you won’t be responsible for hiring, training, and retaining the labor necessary to produce packaging.
  •       Optimized manufacturing processes. Your company can focus on the production of products without dedicating resources to the development and fabrication of packaging.
  •       Seasonal packaging made easy. While holiday-themed packaging that supports marketing initiatives is easy to obtain from a contract packager, it may prove difficult or inefficient to adjust packaging temporarily in-house.
  •       Sustainability. It is often difficult for a manufacturer to build a sustainable work environment if they add packaging to their workload. Contract packaging provides sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in a cost-effective way.

Contract Packaging Services at Stamar Packaging

Stamar Packaging has been providing superior packaging services for nearly 40 years. We have more than 350,000 square feet of warehouse space and own our own fleet of tractors and trailers. We have fostered long-term relationships with national suppliers and offer the best products at the lowest possible price. As an industry leader, we handle a wide range of products that meet almost every packaging need from assembly to shipping.

For more information about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, request a quote, or review our product catalog.


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