Custom Corrugated and Packaging Design Services

Custom Corrugated Boxes & Packaging Design Services

Custom Corrugated Boxes and Packaging Design ServicesOur Custom corrugated boxes are typically made from three layers of paper. These layers include a ruffled (or fluted) central layer of paper—known as the medium—sandwiched between two outside liners (or linerboards). Each of these layers can also be called containerboard.

Different box designs handle different weights and are best suited to specific purposes. If your company is looking for boxes to keep your products safe during shipping and storage, it’s important to choose the correct containerboard designs.

Cardboard vs. Corrugated Cartons

The term “cardboard box” often encompasses both cardboard boxes and corrugated cartons. However, the two types of containers are different.

  • Cardboard is thicker and stronger than traditional paper and used for a variety of purposes. For boxes, however, cardboard is often not the ideal choice for packaging, shipping, or storage. The single layer of cardboard used for cardboard packaging is too weak for many products.
  • Corrugated cartons are assembled from three-layered containerboard. Usually, each layer is made from cardboard, but may also be made from thick paper or a combination of paper and cardboard layers. Corrugated materials are stronger than cardboard alone, which makes corrugated cartons ideal for packaging large or heavy objects.

Different Types of Combined Board

The fluted medium and two outer layers of containerboard are referred to as “combined board.” There are several different designs of a combined board with layers glued together, such as:

  • Single Face. This design has a single fluted layer on one side and a piece of liner board on the other.
  •  Single Wall. This is the default design for most corrugated boxes. It has one fluted layer and a linerboard on either side. This sandwiching setup is considered a “wall.”
  •  Double Wall. Double wall material has two layers of fluted cardboard, both of which use a piece of liner board on either side, for a total of five layers.
  •  Triple Wall. These sturdy constructions have three fluted layers between a total of four linerboard sheets.

Corrugation Flute

The fluting—the bends in the wavy medium layer—can vary from design to design. Fluting is measured by the number of flutes per square foot. There are five basic types of fluting, and each one is best suited for varying products and environments.

  • Type A. At just 33-36 flutes per foot, this fluted layer is best suited for lightweight and fragile materials that need cushioning but not a lot of strength.
  • Type B. This sturdier fluting is typically used for inner packaging where products need compartments and structure to stay safe. It has 47-49 flutes per foot.
  •  Type C. This is the most common type of cardboard fluting at 38-41 flutes per foot. It’s used in packing boxes and to store glass or furniture. It has good compression and crushing resistance to protect the box’s contents.
  • Type E. This thinner fluting has much greater crush resistance at 90 flutes per foot. Common uses include displays, cosmetics packaging, and pizza boxes.
  •  Type F. This fluting has 128 flutes per foot and is the strongest commonly available corrugated material. It has excellent crush and compression resistance and is commonly used to ship and store cosmetics, jewelry, and shoes, and to make clamshell boxes.

Different Corrugated Box Types

Boxes themselves can also have different designs. Stamar Packaging offers a wide range of corrugated box types, including:

  • Slotted and Half-Slotted Boxes. Many boxes are designed to seal at the top and bottom with scored edges for easier folding and flaps that slot into place. Half-slotted boxes have secure slotting at the bottom and no top flaps. Fully slotted boxes have flaps to form top and bottom box faces.
  • Telescope Boxes These have two pieces that slide over each other—typically a container on the bottom and a lid on the top—offering adjustable heights and storage for irregularly shaped items.
  • Folder Boxes. Much like clam shells or pizza boxes, folder boxes have a top face with sides that open and close from a spine along the back.
  • Rigid Partition Boxes. These boxes have inserts made from a rigid material that creates strict partitions and compartments inside the box.
  • Fold-Up Boxes. Fold-up boxes have a single face of corrugated cardboard as the bottom of the box, and the rest of the sides fold up to form the other faces. 

In general, corrugated boxes offer myriad advantages, including:

  • Security. Corrugated cardboard has a high strength-to-weight ratio granted by the fluting and multiple layers. The material is very durable and lightweight. It also protects the contents from turbulence, crushing, and pressure or temperature changes.
  • Cost-Effective. Corrugated cardboard boxes come from renewable materials, which facilitates low upfront and lifecycle costs.
  • Environmental Benefits. Cardboard is made from paper or paper pulp and can also be made from recycled materials. It’s environmentally friendly, especially when compared to other shipping materials such as plastic or Styrofoam.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are used in a broad range of industries to facilitate storage, transportation, display, and more. Some examples of industries that rely on corrugated cardboard cartons include:

  • Building Materials
  • Clothing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Furniture

Custom Corrugated Boxes from Stamar Packaging

Stamar Packaging creates custom corrugated boxes from concept to production, including CAD/CAM packaging designing, ISTA testing, and vibration and drop tests. We are UN-certified and feature more than 10,000 products in our inventory.

We have specialized in custom corrugated box solutions since 1981. Since then, we have grown to become one of the Chicago area’s biggest private packaging houses. We have two distribution centers and offer value-added fulfillment and warehousing services. 

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