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Blonde BomberVeteran Beer CompanyThe Veteran

Stamar Packaging does a lot more than meets the eye. Sure, we sell boxes, tape, stretch film, and many other packaging supplies. However, we also employ a number of packaging engineers with the technical expertise to tackle complex packaging projects. Projects that start from an idea and end with eye catching innovative packaging solution.

The Company: The Veteran Beer Company, Chicago Illinois

Project: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Packaging Design, Development, and Manufacturing for two different Craft Beers: “The Veteran” and “Blonde Bomber”

Primary Package: The amber beer bottle was an obvious choice, but here at Stamar Packaging we help your product stand out against your competitors.

Custom Pressure Sensitive Neck and Body Labels designed specifically for our customer:

Custom developed crown to keep the craft beer fresh:

The Veteran, Blonde Bomber

Veteran Beer Company

Secondary Package: Custom 6 Pack Carriers: 4 and 5 color + AQ Coating on 18 pt Wet Strength Board

Blonde BomberThe Veteran

The VeteranBlonde Bomber

Tertiary Packaging: Custom 24 Pack Master Carton: 2 and 3 color 32 ECT on Mottled White Board

The Veteran

Blonde Bomber